5 Social Media Trends To Look For In 2019
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5 Social Media Trends To Look For In 2019

Online platforms have transformed into out and out communication channels, more brands are depending on these platforms to achieve their intended audience. The world of social media keeps on commuting with advancements. Each year social media gets out with the old and in with the new. This gives businesses and marketers something to look forward to.

Social Media never ceases to make headway and surprise us. What do you think 2019 will bring? Here are some social media trends we can expect from 2019. 

More of Social Listening

Social Media Listening can be described as Social Media Monitoring. The act of Web Crawling to discover all mentions of a brand (or some other keywords). This incorporates untagged brand mentions on social media platforms or any other keyword that depicts the interest of buyers. But there’s a bit more to Social Listening than just monitoring, responses to incoming queries or classifying keywords and whatnot. It’s tied in with the act of drawing out key insights from social engagements of a brand and applying those findings to your general strategy.

If we were to sum up the Social Listening, it can be described as a method that deals with the tracking of social engagements of a brand around specific words, keywords, discussions, brands or industries, and influencing your insights and findings and creating content for those audiences.  

More of Video Content

Video Content is the most consumed form of content, and in 2019, videos are again going to take over the media market. More than 75% of media that we consume today, is in video format. Not to mention, live videos are a rage amongst popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Live videos, in general, create more words around the internet more than anything. Moreover, they are momentary and look more genuine to most of the social media users as they get to see the brand or an event up close. One of the main reasons that live videos are such a vogue is because they are easier to film and can be uploaded simultaneously while filming.

P.S – Watch out for ‘STORIES’. Another form of content that is ballooning these days.

More Of Targeted Personalization

The demand for Personalized content precedes it. Social media users have been accustomed to getting custom – made experiences so much so that it is now essential for brands to provide personalized content. It’s no secret that almost every other social media platform now offers a certain level of targeted content. Take YouTube for an instance. YouTube is a big one for targeted advertising. These choices extend from basic geographic targeting to advanced tools that refine audiences into exceedingly distinct sections.

Content, videos, messages, purchases, E-mails.  Every last bit of it would now be based off on the customer’s buy history, clicked connections, internet-based activities, and other conduct.

A Good Year For Influencer Marketing

You can call it Influencer Endorsement. This has been in the game longer than any other trend, but don’t get it twisted. This will be in the game for a lot of time. Influencer Marketing has had various controversies involved with it, nevertheless, it is effective. From 2019 and on, Influencer Marketing will be more date based and longer partnerships will be focused on. Furthermore, we also think that brands will call multiple influencers to endorse their channels. Let’s see what 2019 has in stores.

“The Timeline Talking”

Social Media is a world that stops at no cost. Come what may, social media is a place where inactivity is like making pigs fly. Real-Time Marketing is a visible reality and you can see that happening all the time around you. The online networking trends in marketing like 24/7 support, chatbots, and real-time promotion of a brand by a client, are some of the examples of TIMELINE TALKING. Brands have now started to take complaints or reviews that are done through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram.

We look forward to seeing these trends become more effective. We know your struggle, we know your problems. Nevertheless, we’d like to know your views on upcoming social media trends in 2019. Also, let’s talk about it sometime maybe?