In this epoch, digital marketing is something everyone business person hankers after. They realize this is a methodology they need to embrace so as to stay in the market scene.  Although, they battle daily to stay relevant in the modern marketing sphere. If you are planning to start your business online, but need quick directives to know what exactly is digital marketing, this is the place.

To begin with, Digital Marketing means showcasing your items and services and utilizing the web and advanced media as the medium. Well, Digital Marketing may seem like a lot on the table, but first, did you know Guglielmo Marconi was the first ever digital marketer? He did what we know now as advertising in 1896 and demonstrated  public transmission of wireless signals. And yes, he is the Marconi who invented radio. Furthermore, the first ever digital marketing strategy came into play when people bought tickets after the first live broadcast of Opera Performance at the Met. 

But, How Do You Define It?

Digital Marketing is a term that incorporates all the strategic and creative marketing techniques. Not to mention, we are looking at marketing strategies that include communicating with the target audience through internet.

We believe, the reason that Digital Marketing has been around for ages is because electronics have as well. Terms like content marketing, google ads, social media have no influence on Digital Marketing as such. Additionally, Digital Marketing can be both offline and online. And to have a copybook digital strategy, offline and online marketing should be in sync.

Why Digital Marketing?

It is no secret that Google and Facebook completely dominate the market as they draw more attention than any other traditional media firm out there. Billboards are pretty much medieval and digital marketing seems like the only universal remedy. And, you know exactly why billboards are history. Ring a bell? Phones. Studies have shown that with ensuing technological advancements, usage of phones and other electronic gadgets is inevitable. For this reason, you need digital marketing.

Let’s Take A Quick Look

Let us take a look on what really Digital Marketing has in its hat.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay-Per Click
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

There are few major marketing categories that cover almost everything of what  marketing is all about.

Firstly, offline marketing which is marketing that is completely offline and can be intensified with technology. For instance, restaurants with tablets to order food right on the table. Secondly, Marketing through Radio, which we all are aware of. Remember those irritating radio ads in between songs? Yes, that is Radio Marketing.  Similarly, marketing through television such as TV commercials. And lastly, phone marketing which is probably the most active and in rage these days.

Now let us dive a bit deeper.

Intensified Offline Marketing

Would you rather place your ad in busy traffic or place or someplace remote? That is pretty self-explanatory, right? Busy traffic place. The idea behind this is that you want your ad to get noticed by multiple audiences. The reason that an ad space in New York’s Times Square costs $1.1 and $4 million a year is because of the number of eyes it invites. Here’s an example of McD’s genius.

Another amazing form of offline marketing is Demonstrations or Demos. What happens if you walk into a Chroma store or any other electronic place that sells devices?

They’re always on display and ready to use. The reason brands do this is because it is very effective offline marketing. Or how about the time when there came a free shampoo sachet or soap bar with the morning newspaper? Now, do you get it? It is very effective offline marketing. Not to mention, they are making you connect with the product without even letting you know about it.

Radio Marketing

When the internet came into the scene, everyone thought it would meet the same fate as television. Astonishingly, that didn’t happen at all. Radio is still pretty much alive and kicking, so much so, even traditional radio is still a thing.

Radio continues to evolve. Here are some interesting facts:

  • AM reached a whopping 99% of the Indian audience and FM reached 65%. According to the EY-FICCI report.
  • In 2018, a total of 47 new radio stations started across 35 cities of India. Now there are 386 live radio stations all over India.

One must be curious why? Reach & Credibility – the answer to this sorcery.  

We all remember some catchy radio limericks, but what else is there that radio does? Recently, the term ‘Internet Radio’ was coined before the world. You can listen to podcasts of your favorite famous person, for instance, GaryVee, Jay Shetty, Chris Do  or any other speaker that does podcasts. Besides, there are always those catchy commercials that you can listen to as well.

Television Marketing

Although, traditional television has dwindled to bottom-most when it comes to audiences, but that doesn’t allude to the death of it. Advertisers have found new ways to conjure up their brand presence with the new-age television marketing. Not to mention, with the success of YouTube, traditional TV commercials have been pacified. The nature of TV commercials  is such that it makes Retargeting impossible. Whereas, ads on social media hand that benefit early on. Remarketing and Retargeting are imperative in the age we live in.

That said, TV ads aren’t really wiped out. The only way to get the most out of them is to run them during events such as sports tournaments.

Those are the kinds that catch more eyeballs than any other TV ads. Many marketers prefer social media ads over TV ads simply because they are easy to design and are cost and time effective. So, if you’re looking out for a cheaper but functional way to growth, Social Media is the boat that is going to float things for you.

Phone Marketing

The crowd pulling ability of Social Media has cast discredit on Phone Marketing. A lot of us don’t realize, but phone marketing is the big game player as well. We say that because most people access internet from their smartphones. And it’s not just a hearsay, it is a well known fact. A study suggested that in the year of 2020, the amount of money spent on Mobile advertising will match the amount of TV advertising.       

Here are some ways to market your product on the phone:


Sales people on a good day call about 50 people and pitch them about their products and services. For instance, the credit card guys. Although, it might not have the behemoth reachability, such as social media, but don’t get it twisted, it is still an effective marketing.

Text though, is the one of the most successful means of marketing in today’s time. It is actually a no-brainer. A text message is always in the bag and is read almost instantly. Take the likes of Zomato and  Swiggy. These brands will send you text messages with some eye catching copy and will allure you to make an order.

When it comes to phone marketing and retargeting, Zomato stands unexampled. The way they remind people for pending orders through text reminders, even lunch time, is enough to get some food on your desk. A study stated that almost 98% of the received texts are read and 90% of them take only 3-4 minutes to go unhighlighted. Now isn’t that astonishing how quickly we open our chat box? Blame that on social anxiety, but it is what it is. Fact is, Phone/ Text Marketing is a great way to conduct giveaways and are ridiculously effective.

Qr Codes

Wait, who said it is all peaches and cream? Before you go out on the pitch, there’s one thing you need to know. Mobile Marketing and QR Codes have certain discrepancies between each other. Well, initially everybody thought QR codes are the game changers, but skip few years, nobody even talks about them.

Blame the complexities of the system if you want to or perhaps, the linkage that was required to scan a QR Code through an app was not really working out. QR Codes became a defunct thing, so much so, even big brands shook their heads in disapproval of their usage.

Before we put the curtains down, we’d recommend trying out some of these Offline Marketing schemes to your business apart from the humdrum of social media and content marketing.


Digital Marketing is very extensive but here are some most important elements of Digital marketing:

  • Website design.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Social media advertising.
  • Social media management.
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising.
  • Email marketing.
  • Content marketing.

Absolutely. Companies and businesses continue to approach digital marketing with skepticism, but digital marketing can do numbers on your business. 

 Yes. Businesses are investing digital marketing to expand their horizons. The career options are only to rise in 2020. 

There are many. Here is a list of some of the most common ones. 

  • Organic Social Media.
  • Paid Social Media.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Display Retargeting.
  • Programmatic Advertising.
  • Website Testing.
  • Video Hosting.
  • Content Creation.


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